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6th Judicial District Local Rules


Amy L. Harth
Chief District Judge

Terri L. Johnson
District Judge

Steven C. Montgomery
District Judge

Mark A. Ward
District Judge

Valorie Leblanc
District Magistrate Judge



6th Judicial District local rules

6th Judicial District Local Rules (PDF)

The 6th Judicial District local rules were adopted by the judges of the 6th Judicial District, pursuant to Kansas Supreme Court Rule 105. The rules are intended to supplement and not contravene Supreme Court rules and Kansas statutes. 

The rules apply to all matters pending before any court in this district unless specifically superseded by statute.

All administrative rules of the 6th Judicial District in effect immediately prior to the effective date of the rules are repealed.

Any rules of this district may be modified by the presiding judge in any action as that judge deems necessary to meet emergencies or to avoid injustice or great hardship.

Wherever there is a reference in the rules to a section of the statute by number, it is deemed to be a reference to the Kansas Statutes Annotated or supplement or amendment, unless a different statute is indicated. Likewise, wherever there is a reference to a rule of the Supreme Court by number, it is deemed to be a reference to the Kansas Supreme Court rules relating to distrlct courts as amended, unless a different rule is indicated.

Current copies of these rules will be on file in each clerk of the district court office in this judicial district.

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