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What to Expect from Court Staff

Supreme Court Rule 1402 

Supreme Court Rule 1402: Providing Assistance to the Public
What you can expect from court staff (sign)
Lo que puede esperar del personal judicial (señal)

Communicating with the court

Your communication with court staff is not privileged or confidential, and it does not create a lawyer-client relationship. 

  • Court staff must remain neutral and impartial.

  • Court staff will treat you with respect.

  • ​You should talk to a lawyer if you want personalized legal advice.

Court staff CAN

  • Suggest talking to a lawyer.

  • Give you information about resources, such as:

    • lawyer referral services that can direct you to low-cost or no-cost legal help where available;

    • legal aid programs;

    • where to find online forms; and

    • the public library.

  • Explain the process and costs of filing.

  • Check forms for completeness.

  • Exactly record information provided if you are unable to fill out the form yourself.

  • Explain the hearing process.

  • Help locate local records.

Court staff CANNOT

  • Give you legal advice.

  • Tell you if you should file a case.

  • Perform legal research.

  • Represent you in court.

  • Investigate case facts.

  • Tell you what a statute or rule means and whether it applies to your case.

  • Tell you what the result of a case will be.

  • Disclose confidential information.

  • Tell you what to say.

  • Talk to the judge for you.

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