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eFiling Rules

The Supreme Court has rules for eFiling, as do some judicial districts.

Rules for Kansas Courts eFiling

Beginning June 25, 2018, all Kansas-licensed attorneys permitted to practice law under Rule 206 must electronically file documents in all case types in all state courts.

Supreme Court rules

eFiling rules

Supreme Court Rule 111: Form of Filing Generally
Supreme Court Rule 119: Fax Filing and Service by Fax
Supreme Court Rule 122: Electronic Filing and Service by Electronic Means
Supreme Court Rule 122A: Expanded Access to Electronic Filing

Supreme Court order

Administrative Order 268: Technical Standards Governing Electronic Filing and Transmission of Court Documents

eCourt rules

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District court local rules

2nd Judicial District: Jackson, Jefferson, Pottawatomie, and Wabaunsee counties (Administrative Order No. 1-2016)

3rd Judicial District: Shawnee County (Case Number Conversion Table) all Civil cases shall be eFiled (Administrative Order 2017-102)

5th Judicial District: Chase and Lyon counties (Administrative Order 2016-06)

6th Judicial District: Bourbon, Linn, and Miami counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-4)

7th Judicial District: Douglas County (Administrative Order 14-16)

8th Judicial District: Dickinson, Geary, Marion, and Morris counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-2)

9th Judicial District: Harvey and McPherson counties (Administrative Order No. 2017-1)

10th Judicial District: Johnson County (has its own efiling system)

11th Judicial District: Cherokee, Crawford, and Labette (Administrative Order 154)

12th Judicial District: Cloud, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Republic, and Washington counties (Administrative Order No. 351)

14th Judicial District: Chautauqua, Montgomery (Coffeyville and Independence locations) counties (Administrative Order 2017-05)

15th Judicial District: Cheyenne, Logan, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas, and Wallace counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-1)

16th Judicial District: Clark, Comanche, Ford, Gray, Kiowa and Meade counties

18th Judicial District: Sedgwick County (Administrative Order 16-4 Amended)

19th Judicial District: Cowley County (Administrative Order 2017-3)

20th Judicial District: Barton, Ellsworth, Rice, Russell, and Stafford counties (Administrative Order No 28)

21st Judicial District: Clay and Riley counties (Administrative Order)

23rd Judicial District: Ellis, Gove, Rooks, and Trego counties (Administrative Order No. 15-12-2), (Revised Administrative Order No. 2016-1)

24th Judicial District: Edwards, Hodgeman, Lane, Ness, Rush, and Pawnee counties (Administrative Order)

25th Judicial District: Finney, Greeley, Hamilton, Kearny, Scott, and Wichita counties (Administrative Order)

26th Judicial District: Grant, Haskell, Morton, Seward, Stanton, and Stevens counties (Administrative Order)

28th Judicial District: Ottawa and Saline counties (Administrative Order No. 54)

29th Judicial District: Wyandotte County (Service Option document, new Divorce filing ECT Order, Notice to Attorney filing Chapter 61 Cases)

31st Judicial District: Allen, Neosho, Wilson and Woodson counties (Administrative Order No. 253)

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